Charitable Programs



One of the goals of the 82nd Airborne Division Association and our Chapters is to make a difference in the lives of those around us, both in the Airborne community and in our local communities. We have a deep focus on the education and betterment of the children of our 82nd Airborne Division active duty Troopers and Veterans, as well as children in the local communities. We also focus on helping Wounded Warriors become self-reliant and achieve independence through our programs. Our Chapters affect their local communities in a variety of ways. Many of these programs are ongoing programs, however, our Chapters are there when needed for crisis situations. For instance, when Hurricane Florence hit the Fort Bragg area, many of our Chapters and members provided assistance so that food gift cards could be provided to active duty Troopers and Families that lost power and, therefore, perishable goods.

Please take a moment to scroll through the activities listed below and see how our Association, with support from our Chapters and Members, is making a difference in so many lives, through many different programs and activities. Your donations to the General Fund help make these, and other programs, possible.


National Program that supports the resiliency of active duty Troopers 
Active duty Troopers and their Families need to be resilient. On the National level, we partnered with another organization and started the All American Adventure Program in 2018. This is an annual 4-day event in the Catskill Mountains of NY aimed at providing resiliency for redeploying active duty Troopers.

Holiday Troop Support

Holiday Troop support is an annual National Program that is supported by many of our Chapters. It was started in 2016 and has grown every year since. We provide a total of 1,000 meals to the lower enlisted 82nd Airborne Division Troopers and their Families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. It is our way of thanking the Troopers and their Families for their devotion and sacrifice.  Donate today!

Donations and Activities by Chapters supporting the Education Fund and local school programs
Many of our Chapters, through their fund-raising efforts, provide monetary support to our National Education Fund Scholarship Program, as well as provide scholarships to students in their local communities. In addition, many Chapters support the JROTC/ROTC program by providing awards to cadets that show academic, leadership and military excellence in local schools. Our Chapters also provide educational support through other programs.

Chapters supporting Children in local communities
Chapters organize, participate in, and/or support various programs that support the Children in their local communities, such as Toys for Tots, toy drives and end of school year bicycle donations.

Chapters supporting local organizations
Through various fundraising events, our Chapters are able to provide monetary and material assistance to various charitable organizations in their region.

Chapters supporting their local communities
Our Chapters are there for our Veterans and their communities, whether it be visiting Veterans in nursing homes, throwing a party for the holidays, supporting Veterans when they have to go to the VA for appointments, supporting their community in times of crisis, or making sure that fallen Veterans is not forgotten.

Programs that provide support to Wounded Warriors
Providing for our Wounded Warriors holds a special place in the hearts of our Chapter members. Many different fundraising events are held throughout the year that support and provide for our Wounded Warriors and the severely wounded.

Chapter Programs that supports the resiliency of active duty Troopers
Active duty Troopers and their Families need to be resilient. In addition to the National All American Adventure program, at the Chapter level, there are numerous programs that help our Troopers and Families and also provide resiliency opportunities in their local area to active duty Troopers and Families.

Wreaths Across America
Numerous Chapters to include, but not limited to, the Fayetteville Chapter, Washington DC Chapter, GEN Dennis Via All Airborne Signal Chapter, Hajdak/Mokan Philadelphia Chapter, Ben Vandervoort/Savannah/Hilton Head Island Chapter support and participate in the Wreaths Across America program, whose mission is to:

“REMEMBER our Fallen U.S. Veterans, HONOR Those Who Serve, TEACH Children the Value of Freedom”